There can be no assurance that actual results will

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Unformatted text preview: ontinually changing and the Company has made, and intends to make in the future, expenditures to comply with such laws and regulations. Accounting for reclamation and remediation obligations requires management to make estimates of the future costs the Company will incur to complete the reclamation and remediation work required to comply with existing laws and regulations at each mining operation. Actual costs incurred may differ from those amounts estimated. Also, future changes to environmental laws and regulations could increase the extent of reclamation and remediation work required to be performed by the Company. Increases in future costs could materially impact the amounts charged to operations for reclamation and remediation. The provision represents ma nagement’s best estimate of the present value of the future reclamation and remediation obligation. The actual future expenditures may differ from the amounts currently provided. Taxes The Company recognizes the deferred tax benefit related to deferred income and resource tax assets to the extent recovery is probable. Assessing the recoverability of deferred income tax assets requires management to make significant estimates of future taxable profit. To the extent that future cash flows and taxable profit differ significantly from estimates, the ability of the Company to realize the net deferred tax assets recorded at the balance sheet date could be impacted. In addition, future changes in tax laws could limit the ability of the Company to obtain tax deductions in future periods from deferred income and resource tax assets. In addition, the Company is subject to income taxes in numerous jurisdictions. Significant judgment is required in determining the provision for income taxes, due to the complexity of legislation. There are many transactions and calculations for which the ultimate tax determination is uncertain during the ordinary course of business. Accounting changes and recent accounting pronouncements Accounting changes Financial instruments IFRS 7 “Financial instruments – Disclosures” (“IFRS 7”) wa...
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