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Unformatted text preview: g operating performance of its current business and are not necessarily indicative of future operating results. Management believes that these measures, which are used internally to assess performance and in planning and forecasting future operating results, provide investors with the ability to better evaluate underlying performance, particularly since the excluded items are typically not included in public guidance. However, adjusted net earnings and adjusted net earnings per share measures are not necessarily indicative of net earnings (loss) and earnings (loss) per share measures as determined under IFRS. The following table provides a reconciliation of consolidated net loss to adjusted net earnings for the periods presented: Years ended December 31, (in millions) Net loss from continuing operations attributable to common shareholders - as reported 2012 $ 2011 (2,548.8) $ (2,093.4) Adjusting items: Foreign exchange losses (gains) 2 .1 Change in deferred income tax due to change in statutory corporate income tax rate (26.5) 51.4 Foreign exchange loss on translation of tax basis and foreign exchange on deferred income taxes within income tax expense (60.0) (7.1) Gains on acquisition/disposition of assets and investments - net of tax (11.3) (18.8) Non-hedge derivatives gains - net of tax 6 9.5 116.5 Taxes in respect of prior years - - Taxes on repatriation of certain foreign earnings 4 6.6 28.8 Impairment charges - net of tax (33.6) 3,206.1 Impairment of investments 2 ,937.6 24.3 Inventory fair value adjustment - net of tax Reclamation and remediation expense - net of tax - 8.3 Severance expense 9 .7 1 2.2 1 6.4 - 3 ,428.0 Net earnings from continuing operations attributable to common shareholders - Adjusted $ Weighted average number of common shares outstanding - Basic Net earnings from continuing operations per share - Adjusted MDA56 KINROSS GOLD 2012 ANNUAL REPORT 8 79.2 2 ,944.2 $ 1,139.1 $ 0.77 8 50.8 1 ,136.0 $ 0 .75 Adjusted Operating Cash Flow The Company makes reference to a non-GAAP measure for adjusted operating cash flow. Adjusted operating cash flow is defined as cash flow from operation...
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