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Unformatted text preview: a mineral property and determine commercial viability. E&E costs include costs to establish an initial mineral resource and determine whether inferred mineral resources can be upgraded to measured and indicated mineral resources and whether measured and indicated mineral resources can be converted to proven and probable reserves. FS14 KINROSS GOLD 2012 ANNUAL REPORT E&E costs consist of: gathering exploration data through topographical and geological studies; exploratory drilling, trenching and sampling; determining the volume and grade of the resource; test work on geology, metallurgy, mining, geotechnical and environmental; and • conducting engineering, marketing and financial studies. Project costs in relation to these activities are expensed as incurred until such time as the Company expects that mineral resources will be converted to mineral reserves within a reasonable period. Thereafter, costs for the project are capitalized prospectively as capitalized exploration and evaluation costs in property, plant and equipment. The Company also recognizes E&E costs as assets when acquired as part of a business combination, or asset purchase. These assets are recognized at fair value. Acquired E&E costs consist of: fair value of the estimated potential ounces, and • exploration properties. Acquired or capitalized E&E costs for a project are classified as such until the project demonstrates technical feasibility and commercial viability. Upon demonstrating technical feasibility and commercial viability, and subject to an impairment analysis, capitalized E&E costs are transferred to capitalized development costs within property, plant and equipment. Technical feasibility and commercial viability generally coincides with the establishment of proven and probable mineral reserves; however, this determination may be impacted by management’s assessment of certain modifying factors including: legal, environmental, social and governmental factors. xi. Property, plant and equipment Property, plant and equipment are recorded at cost and carried n...
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