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Gracielle Cabungcal TA: Basak Gazioglu Govt 161. Marx Presentation Tues 25 April 2006 The German Ideology: Marx’s Idea of Property and Its Role in Superstructure and Change Marx’s idea of property, as is outlined in The German Ideology , emphasizes the dependence of life, both politically and socially, on materiality. His conception of property as a product of labor is comparable to the idea that Locke lies down in The Second Treatise of Government . Here, Locke stresses that the mixing of labor and equally-given natural land produces one’s property. Similarity between the two can be found in their emphasis on the importance of property and materiality. However, one should notice that Locke ardently protects the right to private property, whereas Marx, equally ardent, defends its abolition. According to Marx, the division of labor is comparable to private property. They differ only in their state of being; whereas the division of labor is the act, private property is its product. Division of labor and, consequently, property, engenders the structure of civil (political) society
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Govt161_MarxPresentation_TheGermanIdeology - Gracielle...

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