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Components of the intake system air filter turbo

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Unformatted text preview: GINE - The air is transported to the engine cylinder , at atmospheric pressure TURBO ENGINE - TURBO CHARGED ENGINE - The air is compressed and transported to engine cylinder, at higher than atmospheric pressure. COMPONENTS OF THE INTAKE SYSTEM • AIR FILTER • TURBO CHARGER • INTERCOOLER • AIR FILTER CLOGGING INDICATOR • HOSES INTAKE SYSTEM CLOGGING INDICATOR AIR FILTER ENGINE EXHAUST NATURALLY ASPIRATED ENGINE • MDI 3200 • XDP 490 • XD 3P INTAKE SYSTEM CLOGGING INDICATOR AIR AT ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE AIR FILTER HOT COMPRESSED AIR COOL COMPRESSED AIR ENGINE INTERCOOLER EXHAUST TURBO CHARGED/INTERCOOLED ENGINE • SZ 2600 TURBOCHARGER INTAKE SYSTEM 1. AIR FILTER - The purpose of the air filter is to clean the atmospheric air of dirt & dust before entering the engine cylinder. Air filters needs to cleaned regularly and replaced at recommended intervals. 2. CLOGGING INDICATOR - Clogging indicator indicates the condition of the air filter as to whether is clean or choked. A visible RED band in the indicator indicates choked air filter INTAKE SYSTEM 3. TURBOCHARGER - The turbo charger utilizes the wasted heat energy in the exhaust system, to run a compressor which compresses the intake air. Compressed intake air has more density and hence more fuel can be injected increasing the power of the engine. Turbo charging is an ideal way to increase the engine power without increasing the engine size. For trouble free performance of turbocharger a clean air filter element is a must. A turbo charger spins at very high speed (~ 1.6 Lakh RPM). The turbo charger is lubricated by engine oil. If the engine is switched off abruptly , the oil supply to turbo bearing stops instantly. Since the turbine is running at very high speeds, it takes some time to wind down. During this time the turbine bearing can be starved off oil. Hence it is recommended to idle the engine for some time before shutting off the engine. INTAKE SYSTEM 4. INTERCOOLER - When the atmospheric air is compressed by the compressor in the turbocharger, the temperature of the air increases. The temperature of the air needs to be reduced before it enters the engine cylinder. The hot compressed air is passed through a intercooler to reduce the temperature. Intercooler is a heat exchanger where the hot compressed air flows on the inside and cool atmospheric air flows on the outside leading to cooling of the compressed air ATM AIR HOT COMPRESSED AIR INTERCOOLER COOL COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEMS IN AN AUTOMOBILE A. POWER TRAIN SYSTEM • POWER PLANT (POWER GENERATION - ENGINE) • ENGINE • FUEL SYSTEM • INTAKE SYSTEM • EXHAUST SYSTEM • COOLING SYSTEM • DRIVE LINE (POWER TRANSMISSION ) • CLUTCH • GEAR BOX/TRANSMISSION • TRANSFER CASE • DIFFERENTIAL • WHEELS/TYRES B. RUNNING SYSTEM • SUSPENSION • STEERING • BRAKING C. COMFORT SYSTEM • HVAC/AC/HEATER SYSTEM • SEATING/UPHOLSTRY/FACIA/INSTRUMENTS • AUDIO/VIDEO/GPS ENGINE SUPPORT SYSTEMS EXHAUST SYSTEM EXHAUST SYSTEM TRANSPORTS THE BURNED EXHAUST GASES FROM ENGINE C...
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