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Catalytic converter if fitted reduces harmful

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Unformatted text preview: YLINDER TO THE ATMOSPHERE, TOWARDS THE REAR OR TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE VEHICLE. Since the exhaust gases are at higher pressure than atmospheric pressure, the exhaust system has to reduce the pressure of exhaust gases so that there is no noise on discharge to atmosphere. Catalytic converter (if fitted) reduces harmful pollutants in the exhaust gases to un-harmful gases. COMPONENTS OF EXHAUST SYSTEM • SILENCER/MUFFLER/EXPANSION CHAMBER • CATALYTIC CONVERTER • OXYGEN SENSOR (PETROL VEHICLES) EXHAUST SYSTEM CLOGGING INDICATOR AIR FILTER INTERCOOLER TURBOCHARGER ENGINE EXHAUST UPSTREAM OXYGEN SENSOR (PETROL) DOWNSTREAM OXYGEN SENSOR (PETROL) CATALYTIC CONVERTER SILENCER MUFFLER TO ATMOSPHERE EXHAUST SYSTEM 1. SILENCER/MUFFLER/EXPANSION CHAMBER - Silencers are separate chambers fitted on the exhaust system fitted with baffles on the inside. The silencer reduces the pressure of the exhaust gases progressively and lets out the exhaust gases to atmosphere at atmospheric pressures. 2. CATALYTIC CONVERTER - Catalytic converters are emission control devices fitted on the exhaust system. Catalytic converters convert harmful exhaust gases to un-harmful gases. Catalytic converters are coated with noble metals like Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium on the inside. Catalytic converters are of 2 types, namely : A. OXIDATION CATALYST - Fitted on diesel engines. Converts CO, HC to CO2 and H20. B. THREE WAY CATALYST - Fitted on Petrol engines. Converts CO, HC & NOx to CO2 , H20 & N2. SYSTEMS IN AN AUTOMOBILE A. POWER TRAIN SYSTEM • POWER PLANT (POWER GENERATION - ENGINE) • ENGINE • FUEL SYSTEM • INTAKE SYSTEM • EXHAUST SYSTEM • COOLING SYSTEM • DRIVE LINE (POWER TRANSMISSION ) • CLUTCH • GEAR BOX/TRANSMISSION • TRANSFER CASE • DIFFERENTIAL • WHEELS/TYRES B. RUNNING SYSTEM • SUSPENSION • STEERING • BRAKING C. COMFORT SYSTEM • HVAC/AC/HEATER SYSTEM • SEATING/UPHOLSTRY/FACIA/INSTRUMENTS • AUDIO/VIDEO/GPS ENGINE SUPPORT SYSTEMS COOLING SYSTEM COOLING SYSTEM REMOVES THE EXCESSIVE HEAT OF COMBUSTION FROM THE ENGINE. Cooling system circulates coolant (Combination of water and a chemical) through the engine components which absorbs the heat and transfers the heat to the atmospheric air through a heat exchanger. COMPONENTS OF THE COOLING SYSTEM • WATER PUMP • THERMOSTAT • COOLING FAN • OIL COOLER • RADIATOR • RADIATOR PRESSURE CAP • COOLANT RECOVERY TANK/DEGASSING TANK • DRIVE BELTS RADIATOR PRESSURE CAP COOLING SYSTEM THERMOSTAT ENGINE AIR RADIATOR WATER PUMP COOLING FAN OIL COOLER BASIC SYSTEM COOLANT RECOVERY TANK COOLING SYSTEM RADIATOR PRESSURE CAP THERMOSTAT ENGINE AIR COOLING FAN WATER PUMP RADIATOR OIL COOLER COOLANT RECOVERY SYSTEM (No Loss System) • SCORPIO DIESEL • ALL UV MODELS COOLING SYSTEM DEGASSING TANK PRESSURE CAP COOLING FAN THERMOSTAT MAX ENGINE AIR OIL COOLER WATER PUMP RADIATOR GASES DEGASSING TANK SYSTEM (No Loss System & Degassing) • BOLERO • SCORPIO PETROL COOLING SYSTEM 1. WATER PUMP - Water pump sucks water from the radiator botto...
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