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Unformatted text preview: tively very less weight in the rear axles. The brake fluid pressure is same for both front & rear axles. This will lead to “Rear Wheel Lock” condition. A locked rear wheel will lead to vehicle instability and skidding/Tail swing. Pressure control valves reduce the brake fluid pressure to the rear circuit , under these conditions. Pressure control valves are classified as : PCRV - Pressure Conscious Regulating Valve DCRV - Deceleration Conscious Regulating Valve - Bolero (G-valve) LCRV - Load Conscious Regulating Valve - Scorpio (LSPV) BRAKES G-VALVE - G-valve is a deceleration conscious pressure regulating valve, fitted on the rear brake circuit. When the vehicle is braked hard, the g-level of the deceleration is sensed by a steel ball , which rolls forward and partially blocks the brake fluid to the rear brakes. TYRE TYRE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE TYRE TYRE G-VALVE G-Valves are fitted at a specified angle in direction of vehicle motion BRAKES LCRV (Load Conscious Regulating Valve) - Also known as LSPV (Load Sensitive Pressure Valve). LCRV detects the load on the vehicle and accordingly regulates the brake fluid pressure to the rear brakes. Load (fully laden or unladen) is detected by height difference between the rear axle and the body , using levers or springs. BODY LCRV/LSPV BODY SPRING UNLADEN LADEN BRAKES 5. VACUUM PUMP - Vacuum pump generates vacuum for the brake booster. Vacuum pumps are mounted on the rear side of the alternator and are generally driven by the engine by a belt. Failure of the belt will lead to vacuum pump stopping functioning leading to loss of vacuum to the booster and hard brakes. 6. BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR - Stores brake fluid and supplies to tandem master cylinder. Brake fluid reservoir has 2 separate compartments for front circuit and rear circuit. drum_break.exe SAMPLE LEAFLET Disk_break.exe MARSHAL 2000 BRAKES : SERVICE - HYDRAULIC WITH TANDEM MASTER CYLINDER. VACUUM ASSISTED SERVO BRAKES ANATOMY OF AN AUTOMOBILE (REAR WHEEL DRIVE - 2WD) STEERING TYRE TYRE BRAKE BRAKE GEAR BOX DIFFERENTIAL CLUTCH BRAKE SUSPENSION TYRE PROPELLOR SHAFT - REAR BRAKE TYRE WHEEL BASE WHEEL TRACK ENGINE SYSTEMS IN AN AUTOMOBILE A. POWER TRAIN SYSTEM • POWER PLANT (POWER GENERATION - ENGINE) • ENGINE • FUEL SYSTEM • INTAKE SYSTEM • EXHAUST SYSTEM • COOLING SYSTEM • DRIVE LINE (POWER TRANSMISSION ) • CLUTCH • GEAR BOX/TRANSMISSION • TRANSFER CASE • DIFFERENTIAL • WHEELS/TYRES B. RUNNING SYSTEM • SUSPENSION • STEERING • BRAKING C. COMFORT SYSTEM • HVAC/AC/HEATER SYSTEM • SEATING/UPHOLSTRY/FACIA/INSTRUMENTS • AUDIO/VIDEO/GPS COMFORT/CONVIENIENCE SYSTEMS • POWER PLANT GENERATES THE POWER/TORQUE • DRIVELINE MODIFIES & TRANSMITS THE TORQUE • THE RUNNING SYSTEM CONTROLS THE VEHICLE COMFORT/CONVIENIENCE SYSTEM CONSISTS OF HVAC/AC - Provides a comfortable climate inside the vehicle ELECTRICALS - Operates a host of electrical aggregates INSTRUMENTS - Provides information about vehicle systems AUDIO/VIDEO - Provide...
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