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Class Notes 1_15 - Genetics and politics 1 a Political...

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Genetics and politics 1. 1/15/08 a. Political science vs history b. Dominated by history i. Data of election results ii. Political philosophy iii. Census data iv. Development of political parties 1. Oscar gorsky 2. Studied political platforms v. Public Law c. Sources of information i. Polling ii. Institutions (large groups) d. George Gallow e. 2 General Theories f. Polls and Obama i. He was up 10 points going in ii. Hillary cried iii. Overconfidence iv. Bradley effect – racism v. Independents hypothesis g. Paul Berelson i. Wants to study consumer behavior 1. Applied for grant 2. denied
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ii. Ended up studying 1940 Presidential election iii. Voters are like consumers 1. Advertising 2. Choices 3. Expectations iv. Found that people had minds set by march 1. No change in voting preference 2. Only 7% instability 3. Those voted according to their social environment a. Environment dictated behavior b. The 7% had mixed environments 2. 1/17/08 a. Socialogical Model Failed i. Says people don’t care, only their environments matter ii.
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