According to web dragons what are the four parts of

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Unformatted text preview: a. (Daisy or Pansy or Lily) and not ((Daisy and Pansy) and not Lily) b. (Daisy and Pansy and Lily) or (Lily and not (Daisy or Pansy)) c. (Daisy and not (Pansy or Lily)) or ((Pansy and Lily) and not Daisy) Crawling Answer the following questions What do we call the pages on which web crawlers usually start on? What is a directed graph? CS100 Review Package Winter 2011 Page 17 of 21 Describe an Algorithm for Breadth First Traversal Define the Following Three terms Freshness Coverage Coherence How does the choice of seeds affect coverage? If a search engine increases its coverage, what is likely to happen to the freshness of the pages? According to Web Dragons, what are the four parts of the web? Describe each. CS100 Review Package Winter 2011 Page 18 of 21 Consider the following directed graph: Page P1 Probability .2 P2 .15 P3 .05 P4 .2 P5 .15 P6 .1 P7 .15 Answer the following questions based on the information on the previous page. What is the probability of a random surfer ending on P6 after the first iteration, if it never jumps to a rando...
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