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Unformatted text preview: would build a spreadsheet to calculate the values shown in the example. In the spaces provided, record any named cells, tables or ranges used. Name Memberships Range $C$4:$D$7 Youth $H$4 Senior $H$5 HST $H$6 FitT $H$7 FitC $D$8 Instructions: 1) In cell G11 calculate the monthly fee for the membership type and fitness class. 2) In cell H11 calculate the a subtotal and include the cost of the fitness test 3) In cell I11 calculate the age discount if applicable 4) In cell J11 calculate the cost of HST sales tax 5) In cell K11 calculate the total cost for the gym membership In the spaces provided, state the formulas you would use for each cell. G11 H11 I11 J11 K11 =VLOOKUP(C11,Memberships,2,FALSE)+IF(D11=“yes”,FitC,0) =G11*F11+IF(E11=”yes”,FitT,0) =H11*IF(B11<18,Youth,IF(B11>64,Senior,0)) =(H11‐I11)*HST =H11+J11‐I11 Rearranging Names: The following spreadsheet exercise is designed to help you review the concept of manipulating labels. Note: Each full name in column A has the same format; first name followed by one space followed by the last name with no spaces after it. Instructions: 1) In cell B2 write a formula that will extract only the first name. 2) In cell C2 write a formula that will extract only the last name. 3) In cell D2 write a formula that will format the names to be: “Last name, First name” In the spaces provided, show whatformulas you would use for each cell. B2 C2 D2 =MID(A2,1,SEARCH(“ “,A2)‐1) =MID(A2,LEN(B2)+2,LEN(A2)‐LEN(B2)‐1) =CONCATENATE(C2,”, “,B2) HTML HTML
 In the HTML Code column, fill in the HTML tags necessary to produce the desired result as shown in the Webpage column. The first row is completed for you. Tag HTML Code Bold <b>CS 100</b> Body <body>Page Content</body> Break CS<br>100 Definition List Definition Term Definition Description <dl> <dt>Definition Term</dt> <dd>Definition of the term</dd> <dt>Definition Term</dt> <...
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