Eg smoking to make insurance aordable eg by exluding

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Unformatted text preview: on your windows) To punish risk increasing behaviours? (e.g. smoking) To make insurance affordable? (e.g. by exluding high risk profiles - high flood areas) To manage capital (the risk bearer) efficiently? (actually know the amount of risk the company has taken) To increase market share? To avoid bad risks? But is this fair? desirable? 5/20 Actuarial Statistics – Module 4b: Ethical perspectives Moral awareness in context: Actuarial applications Discrimination in insurance Legal framework “The Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW), when originally enacted, prohibited discrimination on the grounds of race, sex or marital status in the areas of employment, the provision of goods and services and accommodation, and on the ground of race in education. ... The scope of the Act has been significantly widened over the years, and the original enforcement mechanisms have been replaced by the establishment of an Anti-Discrimination Board to administer the Act and receive and conciliate complaints, and the Equal Opportunity Tribunal to...
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