Essay #1 - Altruism

Essay #1 - Altruism - Adam Liegner 3/18/08 Genetics...

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Unformatted text preview: Adam Liegner 3/18/08 Genetics influencing political behavior An individual’s genetics can tell a great deal about them. Through a simple DNA test, science has already granted us the ability to determine predisposition to diseases like alcoholism, obesity, and diabetes. As our understanding of the human genome grows, we are quickly closing in on linking a person’s behavior to specific indicators in their genetic sequence. Genetic predisposition to predictable behaviors will open up many research fields like mental health, behavioral development and politics. Predicting behavior will allow political predictions such as voting tendencies, party support, etc. Several of or guest speakers have already linked a tendency in behavior to political leaning, such as church attendance to Republican support. These behavioral tendencies are being broken down into their constituent phenotypes. I propose that the phenotype of altruism in human behavior greatly affects one’s political stance. Altruism is defined as the selfless concern for the welfare of others. There is a large difference in the two political parties’ stance on welfare of others. At the core of each party, one’s identity is the welfare of the group, while the other’s is the welfare of the individual. “On the Left you hear talk of group rights; on the Right, individual rights.” ( ) Democrats support a large government. They want to support all the little guys out there. They believe that everyone has the potential for greatness; they just need help from the group to attain the goal. Democrats strongly believe that the...
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Essay #1 - Altruism - Adam Liegner 3/18/08 Genetics...

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