Adding a bookmark is basically the same in word 2003

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Unformatted text preview: W ord. Adding a bookmark is basically the same in Word 2003, 2007, and 2 010. First move the cursor to where you want the bookmark to be or highlight the section of text or table that you want bookmarked . Then select the ‘Insert’ tab on the tool Ribbon. On the Insert Ribbon towards the middle is the ‘Links’ group. Click on ‘Bookmark’ and the bookmark dialog box appears. Display 1. Word Bookmark Dialog Box 1 SAS Global Forum 2013 Foundations and Fundamentals Give the bookmark a name using only letters and numbers and the underscore to separate words. Click on ‘Add’ and the bookmark is written to the document and added to the permanent book mark list. As soon as you click on ‘Add’ the bookmark dialog box disappears but clicking on ‘Bookmark’ again will verify that it was placed. Display 2. Word Bookmark Dialog Boxes, Completed Bookmarks by default are hidden in the document but can be viewed with a few quick clicks to turn on that option. Click on the Office icon in the very upper left corner of the screen. At the bottom of the window choose ‘Word Options’ and then ‘Advanced’. Scroll down to the ‘Show document content’ section and check the ‘Show bookmarks’ box. Click OK. Positional bookmarks then show up in the document as an I-beam character as in and sectional bookmarks delimit the section with square brackets, [ and ]. Removing a bookmark is as simple as opening the Bookmark dialog box, highlighting an entry in the list, and clicking on ‘Delete’. Alternatively, deleting both words on either side of the bookmark deletes it. Copying text around the location of the bookmark does not copy the bookmark. SAS AND BOOKMARKS Word bookmarks allow SAS to treat the bookmarked section as an input data source. Then we can use a FILENAME statement with the DDE device-type key to read the data source. Sounds simple, right? It is. For our solution here, we use bookmarks to mark an entire tables but you can also bookmark individual words, a sentence or a paragraph. When the ‘Show bookmarks’ option i...
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