Instructions for sampling and assigning test and

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Unformatted text preview: to have a Requirements Document and within that document should be a section specifying criteria for which customers to include or exclude from the population. Essentially, the inclusion/exclusion rules define the profile of the targeted customer base. Instructions for sampling and assigning test and control cases are in separate sections. The selection criteria can quickly get complicated and custom coding can take a long time what with keying the code, testing, and debugging. Fat-fingering happens. Code generators dramatically speed up the process and reduce risk of miss-keying constraining values. In this section we look at a SAS code generator that uses on W ord and Excel. The Requirements Document is stored as a W ord template and contains one general information table and three tables with specific selection criteria written in phrases the business users will understand—not pseudo-code. Each table is bookmarked, and each item in a table has a unique ID number composed of a table identifier and the row number. To make comprehension and completion easier, one table presents rules written as Inclusion Criteria and two tables present rules for Exclusion Criteria. The user simply marks a ‘Y’ for the items to apply to their campaign and, if appropriate, a value that constrains application of the rule . In the examples below, Exclusion Criteria as broken into one table for yes or no answers and another table that requires constraining values. The three tables offer about 120 unique criteria, each referencing a specific target field in a Base Audience Table. 4 SAS Global Forum 2013 Foundations and Fundamentals Display 4. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria Tables in a Word Document 5 SAS Global Forum 2013 Foundations and Fundamentals Using the template a campaign-specific Requirements Document is produced, reviewed, and approved. W hen it’s time to generate the query to pull the population, SAS reads the document and creates a data set for each bookmarked table. Here is th...
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