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Unformatted text preview: e code to read the Inclusion Criteria table; the code for the Exclusion tables is very similar. filename si dde "winword|&_document!standard_inclusions" notab; data standardInclusions; informat id $10. selected $1. targetTabFieldName $30. businessRule $100. value $25.; length outputLabel $100; infile si dlm='09'x notab dsd missover; input id selected targetTabFieldName businessRule value; %** Keep the rows in the table that contain selected inclusions. %** Ignore empty rows at bottom.; if anyDigit(id) and businessRule ne '' and selected ne ''; %** Each of the Inclusion Criteria require a constraining value. ; %** Check for missing data. ; if value='' then do; put ***********************************************************************'; put 'Business Rule= ' businessRule ; put 'VALUE is required. Program is Aborting.'; abort; put ***********************************************************************'; end; %** Keep only first sentence of business rule. ; businessRule=scan(businessRule,1,'.'); %** Create a label to use in Output headers. ; if length(scan(businessRule,1,'.')) < 60 then outputLabel=catt(id,': ',targetTabFieldName,'--',businessRule); else outputLabel=catt(id,': ',targetTabFieldName); run; We now have data sets with the criteria identifier, selected yes or no, the source field name, business rule description, and the constraining value. Next we need to read an Excel worksheet that has the actual SQL code for each of the criteria. Excel was selected because it’s more database-like, easy to maintain, and a sheet in the workbook serves as a change log. Each of the criteria selection tables in the Requirements Document has an associated worksheet in the Rules .xls file, and each of the criteria IDs has a row in the worksheet. Here’s a sample of the contents of the Inclusion Rules worksheet. The ID column links to the Requirements Document criteria selection tables and the data sets derived from them. The column named Data_Type determines...
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