Businesses mentioned in ecology of commerce are ones

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Unformatted text preview: nly come to this conclusion, but have actually done something about it. Businesses mentioned in “Ecology of Commerce” are ones that have shifted their viewpoints. This new outlook on how they should operate has allowed them to be innovative in ways that will help the environment just as much as their business. An important factor mentioned in both readings is communication. Kalundborg, Denmark is a cooperation that exemplifies how the systems view should be applied. Communication is key to this type of viewpoint. Kalundborg successfully created a system where a coal-fired power plant, an oil refinery, a pharmaceutical company specializing in biotechnology, a Sheetrock plant, concrete producers, a producer of sulfuric acid, the municipal heating authority, a fish farm, some greenhouses, local farms, and other enterprises all work cooperatively together. Businesses were able to find uses for the other businesses waste. For example, the power plant processes its waste in the form of steam. The local oil refinery and pharmace...
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