This is why the systems view of the world puts such

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Unformatted text preview: resources and harming the environment. This is why the “Systems View of the World” puts such an emphasis on shifting to a systems view. This type of viewpoint “can provide the clues, the metaphors, the orientations, and even the detailed models for solving critical problems on this precious but increasingly crowded planet.” For these reasons, systems view is necessary to help us progress towards a more sustainable world. The purpose behind Paul Hawkens, “Ecology of Commerce,” is to describe how businesses can operate in ways that are restorative to not only society, but also the environment. Whenever you think of businesses and corporations, them being environmentally friendly does not usually come to mind. The goal is to change this with lots of practice. Hawkens states, “the industrial corporations of the world must change to meet the world’s needs, not the other way around.” Many companies have come to realization that is time for change. This reading provides Natalie Torrey Question 3 examples of businesses that have not o...
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