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Torrey Natalie Final Question 3

Torrey Natalie Final Question 3 - Natalie Torrey Question 3...

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Natalie Torrey Question 3 Natalie Torrey Walther ENVE 1010 2 December 2013 Question 3: A Common Theme and How It Informed Your Thinking As an environmental engineer one of the main concerns is sustainability. As of now, we are currently using many of the Earth’s recourses faster than they can reproduce. In order to fix this problem, we need to change our viewpoint and then apply it. Erivin Laszlo, in “Systems View of the World,” informs us of the necessary shift in our views while Paul Hawken in “The Ecology of Commerce,” provides examples of how it has been applied in real world situations. In “Systems View of the World,” Laszlo’s main point is the urgency of making the shift from an atomistic view to a systems view. In the reading, Laszlo describes the atomistic view as “anthropocentric, perceiving human beings as mastering and controlling nature for their own ends.” This is beginning viewpoint for many businesses. Their main focus is on profits and what is going to benefit the company. With this type of view, the Earth will continue on its downhill path of depleting the world’s resources and harming the environment. This is why the “Systems
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