lecture2 notes

Lecture2 notes

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Unformatted text preview: nected to vertex i Cli (g ) = . number of triples centered at i The average clustering coefficient is Cl Avg (g ) = 1 n ∑i Cli (g ). Figure: The overall clustering coefficient for this network is 3/8. The individual clustering for the nodes are 1, 1, 1/6, 0, and 0. What is the individual clustering for a node in the Erd¨s-Renyi model? o 16 Networks: Lecture 2 Properties of Networks Centrality A micro measure that captures the importance of a node’s position in the network. Different measures of centrality Degree centrality: for node i , di (g )/n − 1, where di (g ) is the degree of node i Closeness centrality: Tracks how close a given node is to any other node: for node i , one such measure is n−1 , ∑ j � =i l (i , j ) where l (i , j ) is the distance between i and j Betweenness centrality: Captures how well situated a node is in terms of paths that it lies on (see the Florentine marriages example from the previous lecture). 17 Networks: Lecture 2 Properties of Networks Deg...
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