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If the network is not connected one often checks the

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Unformatted text preview: Average path length is bounded from above by the diameter; in some cases, it can be much shorter than the diameter. If the network is not connected, one often checks the diameter and the average path length in the largest component. 14 Networks: Lecture 2 Properties of Networks Clustering Measures the extent to which my friends are friends with one another. This clustering measure is represented by the overall clustering coefficient Cl (g ), given by Cl (g ) = 3 × number of triangles in the network , number of connected triples of nodes where a “connected triple” refers to a node with edges to an unordered pair of nodes. Note that 0 ≤ Cl (g ) ≤ 1. Cl (g ) measures the fraction of triples that have their third edge filled in to complete the triangle. Also referred to as network transitivity: measures the extent that a friend of my friend is also my friend. 15 Networks: Lecture 2 Properties of Networks Clustering (Continued) Another measure of clustering is defined on an individual node basis: The individual clustering for a node i is number of triangles con...
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