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Infrastructure networks eg internet connections of

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Unformatted text preview: ure networks: e.g., Internet (connections of routers or administrative domains), power grid, transportation networks (road, rail, airline, mail) Temporary networks: e.g., ad hoc communication networks, sensor networks, autonomous vehicles Questions: Does network structure support performance? Fragility? Cascading failures? Biological networks: A number of biological systems can also be represented as networks. Food web, protein interaction network, network of metabolic pathways 4 Networks: Lecture 2 Introduction Network Study Historical study of networks: Mathematical graph theory: One of the pillars of discrete mathematics Started with Euler’s celebrated 1735 solution of the Ko nigsberg bridge ¨ problem. Networks also studied extensively in sociology. Typical studies involve circulation of questionnaires, leading to small networks of interactions. Recent years witnessed a substantial change in network research. From analysis of single small graphs (10-100 nodes) to statistical properties of large scale networks (million-billion nodes). Motivated by...
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