Find which are the most important for your biological

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Unformatted text preview: Use PubMed: hdp:// search: kinesin, cin8, kip1, mitosis and combina=ons easy to pick out a paper which was referenced 3. bspace/Lab manual Be careful to present your references correctly (as indicated in the rubric) How to begin Write your outline as precisely as possible with many sub-­‐sec=ons Read paper and fill out the blanks Make your figures/tables Write your results and future direc=ons Write your conclusion Write your introduc=on Write your abstract Find a =tle and enter your references Wri=ng skills Grammar and spelling Simple phrases Use scien=fic terms, don’t be colloquial Use the right nomenclature for yeast genes and proteins Be careful of incomplete and run-­‐on sentences Be careful with the formafng Remember the number of reports the GSI’s will read...
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