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Unformatted text preview: ate the method that you will use to answer your ques=on Introduc=on Like the abstract, cover the What, Why and How Give enough material to understand the paper Use the “funnel” approach 1. Start with a broad descrip=on about kinesin, cell division, Mitosis… 2. Expand on points made in the abstract 3. Wrap up at the end with a brief descrip=on your results Again, make it as short as possible and do not loose your reader in details Introduc=on should be just enough to understand the paper Results Compila=on of the class datas Organize in paragraph Smooth transi=on for one to the other Just descrip=on of the results and conclusion -­‐NO DISCUSSION-­‐ Be Careful NO METHODS Discussion Re-­‐introduce your biological ques=on(s) and summarize briefly your finding Discuss point by point in an orderly way Make it interes=ng by trying to get a model Materials and Methods Descrip=on of all the materials and the methods used in the lab Short straight to the point (Bla-­‐Bla takes up sp...
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