21-356 Lecture 15

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Unformatted text preview: . Proof. We apply the implicit function theorem to the function h : U RN RN defined by h (x, y) := f (x) y. Let b = f (a). Then h (a, b) = 0 and det h (a, b) = det Jf (a) = 0. x Hence, by the implicit function theorem there exists B (a, r0 ) RN and B (b, r1 ) RN such that B (a, r0 ) B (b, r1 ) U RN and a function g : B (b, r1 ) B (a, r0 ) of class C m such that h (g (y) , y) = 0 for all y B (b, r1 ), that is, f (g (y)) = y for all y B (b, r1 ). This implies that g = f 1 . Moreover, 1 g h h (y) = (g (y) , y) (g (y) ,...
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