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Class Notes 1_29 - internal validity b. Runs into problems...

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Notes Thursday 1/29/08 1. Survey Research a. Professors liked it b. Taught their students c. New generation used surveys d. 2. Science a. Self correcting b. Always getting better c. Always comes up with new things 3. 1987 a. News that matters b. 4. Downside a. Surveys have leading questions b. Opinions matter c. Questions prime the answer d. Not a controlled sample e. Mood affects answers 5. The Vote a. Many variables i. Religion
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ii. Age iii. Context iv. Wealth v. region b. Advertising does it affect? i. Causality? ii. Problems 1. Usually only remember ads that they favor c. Terrible way to get causality d. Experiments GREAT way to get causality i. Control and 1 variable ii. Randomize the sample 6. Value of causality a. Experiment is strong of
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Unformatted text preview: internal validity b. Runs into problems with external validity i. Cause real problems c. Sledgehammer effect 7. Experimental Lab Research a. Very controlled b. Specific mutations change complex behavior c. Scientific Method i. Observe ii. Hypothesize iii. Experiment iv. Analyze d. Techniques i. Genetic mutations ii. Genetic siliencing iii. Transgenesis iv. e. Correlation not= causation 8. Monozygous a. Twins set at fertilization b. Identical c. Same gender d. Differences come from activation/deactivation of genes 9. Dizygous a. 2 sets of genetic pairs b. Can be male and female c. Non identical...
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Class Notes 1_29 - internal validity b. Runs into problems...

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