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94 guide the work of standards it auditors on

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Unformatted text preview: guide the work of Standards, IT auditors on financial audit engagements IT IT audit work on financial audit engagements is IT likely to increase as internal control evaluation becomes more important becomes IT Audit Skills IT College education – IS, computer science, College accounting accounting Certifications – CPA, CFE, CIA, CISA, Certifications CISSP, and special technical certifications CISSP, Technical IT audit skills – specialized Technical technologies technologies General personal and business skills Professional Groups and Certifications – Alphabet Soup Certifications ISACA – CISA IIA – CIA ACFE – CFE AICPA – CPA and CITP How to Structure an IT Audit How AICPA Standards and Guidelines – GAAS, AICPA SAS, and SSAE SAS, IFAC Guidelines – harmonized or common IFAC international accounting standards and guidelines guidelines ISACA standards, guidelines, and ISACA procedures – includes CobiT and audit standards standards An Overview of the Book An Section I – an introduction to IT audit, the legal Section and ethical environment of the IT audit, introduction to risks and controls introduction Section II – risks over specific processes and Section technologies – deployment of IS, operation of IS, network systems, and e-business systems network Section III – how to do an It audit – use of Section CAATTs and a step-by-step IT audit Appendices – ACL tutorial and IT audit glossary Appendices ACL...
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