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Unformatted text preview: e Elements Three Acceptance – – Identify offeree Signed and dated by offeree and offeror Written Contracts Written Documented evidence ‘Meeting of the Minds’ Employment Contracts Employment Unilateral Contract – Employee is not Unilateral bound. bound. Cannot include that employee must work Cannot for stated period of time. for Confidentiality Agreements Confidentiality Employee agrees not to divulge confidential Employee information – Should describe nature of protected information – List permissible uses of such information – Identify remedies for non-compliance – State term of agreement Trade Secret Agreements Trade A trade secret reflects a wide array of trade information that derives independent economic value from not being widely disclosed or readily ascertainable. readily Enforceable for indefinite period of time. Discovery Agreements Discovery For employees hired to develop ideas and For innovations. innovations. Agreement transfers ownership of discovery to Agreement employer. employer. Prevents employees from claiming the discovery Prevents as their own property. as Non-Compete Agreements Non-Compete Employee agrees to not work for competing Employee employer (including self) for – Specified time (must be reasonable) – Specified geography Prevents employee from working for other Prevents companies in connection with the design or sale of a competitive product. sale Monetary remedy may be awarded to company Monetary for violation for Sample Non Compete Agreement Sample EMPLOYEE NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT For good consideration and as an inducement for ___________ For (Company) to employ ________Employee), the undersigned Employee hereby agrees not to directly or indirectly compete with the business of the Company and its successors and assigns during the period of employment and for a period of ___ years following termination of employment and notwithstanding the cause or reason for termination. for The term "not compete" as used herein shall mean that the Employee shall not own, manage, operate, consult or to be employed in a business substantially similar to, or competitive with, the present business of the Company or such other business activity in which the Company may substantially engage during the term of employment. The Emplo...
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