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Unformatted text preview: this description, they should If ensure that the organization securely retains all digital communications for at least 180 days, if not longer. least IMPORTANT! Even if the company or client does not fit into the aforementioned category (meaning all for-profit, not-for-profit and governmental entities), it would behoove every organization who offers e-mail capability to employees to retain copies of electronic communications for a period of at least 180 days, if not for one year. The reason for this is rooted in the U.S. Patriots Act, which gives expansive powers of search and seizure to the government when and where terrorist activity is suspected, which could take place within any organization. take Cybercrime Examples & Related Issues Examples Communication Lines, Stations or Systems A key factor in the tremendous growth and acceptance of the e-commerce has been the key collaborative support of the government in developing, implementing and supporting the Internet. In the U.S. culture, less regulation of business is typically preferred to more. Hence, the government has had a ‘hands off’ policy with respect to how businesses use the Internet. However, use of the Internet for e-commerce is now so pervasive that were the Internet to be disrupted, the economic well-being of the United States could be at stake. As a result, Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office, a government office, is playing an active role in seeking to influence both public and private sector policy and practices with respect to how to best protect the Internet from disruption and destruction. A partnership is needed between the government and the private sector in this regard for the following reasons: this – · To establish the level of assurance needed to support reliable interchange between To organizations involved in e-commerce; organizations – · To assure the continuing availability of the services provided by critical infrastructure To industries; and industries; – · To enable the establishment of a set of “ground rules” that can assure protection of both the To critical information assets and those who depend on their integrity, availability and confidentiality. confidentiality. Privacy Privacy Priva...
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