Power supply rejection ratio one of the reasons op

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Unformatted text preview: ies The ranging from 5V to 18V with out too many changes to the 5V 18V parameters of the op amp. parameters The power supply rejection ratio (SVRR) refers to the slight The change in output voltage that occurs when the power supply of the op amp changes during operation. supply SVRR = 20 log ( Vs / Vo) The SVRR value is given for a specified op amp. For the The 741 op amp, SVRR = 96 dB over the range 5V to 18V. 5V Open-Loop Op Amp Characteristics Table 12.11 Table Device LM741C LF351 OP-07 LH0003 AD549K Technology BJT BiFET BJT Hybrid BJT BiFET AOL(typ) 200 k 100 k 400 k 40 k 100 k Rin 2 M 1012 8 M 100 k 1013 || 1 pF Ro 50 30 60 50 ~100 SR 0.5 V/µ s 13 V/µ s 0.3 V/µ s 70 V/µ s 3 V/µ s CMRR 90 dB 100 dB 110 dB 90 dB 90 dB Sources Sources Dailey, Denton. Electronic Devices and Circuits, Discrete and Integrated. Prentice Hall, New Dailey, Electronic Jersey: 2001. (pp 456-509) Jersey: Table 12.1: Selected Op Amps and Their Open Loop Characteristics, pg 457 1 Liou, J.J. and Yuan, J.S. Semiconductor Device Physics and Simulation. Plenum Press, Liou, New York: 1998. New Neamen, Donald. Semiconductor Physics & Devices. Basic Principles. McGraw-Hill, Neamen, Semiconductor Boston: 1997. (pp 351-357) Boston: Web Sources www.infoplease.com/ce6/sci/A0803814.html http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/sci/A0836717.html http://people.msoe.edu/~saadat/PSpice230Part3.htm...
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