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Unformatted text preview: PWS GEPPIH FSYRHIHMRTYXFSYRHIHSYXTYX &-&3  *SV example, for the RC lowpass filter, as long as the input voltage is finite the output is finite too. -RZIVXMFMPMX] % W]WXIQ [LMGL LEW E YRMUYI VIWTSRWI XS IZIV] YRMUYI excitement is invertible. For such systems, we can find the inTYX JVSQ E KMZIR SYXTYX WMKREP 1SWX TVEGXMGEP W]WXIQW EVI MRZIVXMFPI FYX WSQI EVIR X ER example of a non-invertible system is an electrical rectifier. A rectifier is a GMVGYMX YWMRK HMSHIW [LSWI SYXTYX ZSPXEKI MW XLI EFWSPYXI ZEPYI SJ MXW MRTYX ZSPXEKI ZSYX X ! NZMR X N )\EQTPI 0IX W GSRWMHIV )QQE EKEMR ERH WXYH] EPP XLI EFSZI GLEVEGXIVMWXMGW EFSYX MX Q?RA )QQE W 7]WXIQ T?RA !  Q?R T?RA A...
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