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Unformatted text preview: W XLI VIWTSRWI SJ XLI W]WXIQ XS \?RA ! Q! \?QA ?R QA # 8LI EFSZI WYQQEXMSR MW GEPPIH XLI GSRZSPYXMSR WYQ ERH MW WLS[R [MXL?RA ! \?RA L?RA 8LYW XLI VIWTSRWI SJ E (8 ERH 08- W]WXIQ XS E KIRIVEP MRTYX \?RA MW XLI GSRZSPYXMSR WYQ SJ \?RA ERH XLI MQTYPWI VIWTSRWI SJ XLI W]WXIQ L?RA )\EQTPI A DT system is defined with the following difference equation ?RA  ?R A ! \?RA ;LEX MW XLI MQTYPWI VIWTSRWI SJ XLI W]WXIQ# L?RA !   R Y?RA   (We will soon learn how to find this impulse response!) ;LEX MW XLI VIWTSRWI SJ XLI W]WXIQ XS \?RA KMZIR FIPS[              R      )\EQTPI *MRH \?RA L?RA Now find L? QA )\EQTPI 'SRX Now find ]? A ! Now find ]?A ! 4 Q \?QAL?  QA )\EQTPI 'SRX Now find ]?A ! Now find ]?A ! )\EQTPI 'SRX ;LEX MW ]?RA JSV R 4PSX ]?RA  ERH R #...
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