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Unformatted text preview: ER ]?RA  ER  ]?R A      ER ( ]?R (A ! \?RA ;LIVI \?RA MW XLI MRTYX I\GMXEXMSR ERH ]?RA MW XLI SYXTYX VIWTSRWI SJ XLI W]WXIQ impulse impulse response -J \?RA ! ?RA XLIR XLI ERW[IV XS XLI HMJJIVIRXMEP IUYEXMSR MW GEPPIH XLI MQTYPWI VIWTSRWI SJ XLI W]WXIQ ERH MW YWYEPP] WLS[R [MXL L?RA 8LI MQTYPWI VIWTSRWI of an LTI system is very important because it simplifies finding the response of the system to an arbitrary \?RA ,S[# 0IX W WII Example: x[n] is given. Write x[n] as a linear combination of and its d...
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