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Unformatted text preview: XLEX XLI VIWYPX MW?RA ! GSW   < Q! L?QA GSW   WMR   < Q! L?QA WMR  )\EQTPI 8LI YRMX WIUYIRGI VIWTSRWI XS E W]WXIQ MW KMZIR EW?RA !  *MRH XLI MQTYPWI VIWTSRWI SJ XLI W]WXIQ   R Y?RA  )\EQTPI 'SRX *MRH XLI VIWTSRWI SJ XLI W]WXIQ XS \?RA KMZIR FIPS[ %RW[IV YWMRK 1EXPEF 7II TEKI  8I\X Assuming no access to Matlab or other software. Possible questions: 1) find y[n] for specific n, e.g., n=5 2) find y[n]. 3) what is the smallest n for which y[n] is non-zero?...
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