Public Policy Spring 2014

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Unformatted text preview: local, state, national, and global contexts and appreciate the importance of lifelong participation in political processes 2 Required Texts/Readings • Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow. Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness. The New Press. • Cohn, Jonathan. 2007. Sick. The Untold Story of America’s Health Care Crisis—And the People Who Pay the Price. • Kraft, Michael, and Scott Furlong. 2013. Public Policy: Politics, Analysis, and Alternatives. 4th ed. CQ Press. • Roy, Avik. 2013. How Medicaid Fails the Poor. • Additional required readings are also listed on the course schedule below. I also urge you to read a national newspaper several times a week (the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal are excellent sources for in depth political and policy news. This is something you should do anyway, but since we will be discussing a variety of policy topics during the semester, keeping up with the news of the day will most certainly add to the quality of our discussions in class. The editorial pages of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have typically polar opposite positions on economic issues. Reading these regularly will give you a sense of different ideological perspectives on economic matters. There are a variety of great news related websites out there as well. In short, keep yourself informed. Library Liaison The Political Science Reference Librarian is available to provide individualized help on how to use the library for research purposes. She is excellent and can save you bundles of time if just ask. Don’t be shy! Crystal Goldman Librarian (Political Science Liaison) (408) 808- 2015 [email protected] Course Requirements and Evaluative Criteria Your course grade will be determined by the following 5 components Course Weight Midterm Exam 25% Term Paper 25% Quizzes 5 *4.0% 20% Participation 5% Final Exam 25% Total= 100% 3 Course Letter Grades will be assigned using the following scale: A+=99- 100%...
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