Bernardo Zamora Paper#2

Everything he does is wrong but he is not affected by

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Unformatted text preview: a point, the point that any good person could be turned to the bad side. This point is proven when he finally achieves to turn Harley Dent against the police and all the people he once worked with. Obviously during the entire movie, the Joker is extremely aggressive in all his actions and he does not care about any of the consequences, he kills with no remorse. The disasters and number of murders he causes in the city of Gotham does not affect him in any way and this is one of the signs of his lack of conscience. Everything he does is wrong, but he is not affected by that in any means. Antisocial Personality also describes a person with the characteristic of being impulsive, which the Joker also shows in his actions against Batman. He does not really analyze the situations he is in or the situations in which he is about to participate....
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