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Bernardo Zamora Paper#2

The joker is not very good working in groups or teams

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Unformatted text preview: ntelligence, which is basically what happens with the Joker, so because of this, the situation is obviously more critical and he is a more dangerous person. His methods are unpredictable and incalculable. He does things according to his own twisted sense of logic. He is an exceptionally intelligent man, and this tends to be his greatest weapon against Batman, the police, and the District Attorney’s office. He is often confronted by the authorities, but easily evades capture due to sick and twisted mind games he plays on them, all full of mystery. The Joker basks in the spotlight, often broadcasting himself to the public and media. The Joker is also considered a Sociopath. He has a superficial charm, which in my opinion is when he is most frightening to people. The Joker loves to manipulate others and believes that aside from Batman and himself, no one is worthy. The Joker is not very good working in groups or teams and would immediately bump himself up to leader position. A sociopath never feels guilt and that is why the Joker has...
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