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On the other hand psychologists were also interested

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Unformatted text preview: stop conducting the experiment because he realized the true damage and consequences he was causing to these students. These experiments would raise a variety of questions and discussion topics related to ethics. For example, the experiments bring up the concepts of Obedience, Conformity and Authority; Psychologists wanted to know how much abuse a prisoner is willing to take or how fast and extreme of a reaction they would have when faced with an authoritative guard. On the other hand, psychologists were also interested in understanding how the guards would respond and act in regards to the authority that was provided to them. Moreover, the guards were not really thinking if what they were doing was ethical or not, they were just doing the job they were assigned to do. They basically did not care if their actions were right or wrong, they were simply following orders and doing exactly what they were told. I think these experiments should not be allowed today because of all the resulting mental and physical repercussions. If psychologists think they h...
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