Psy103 Bernardo Zamora

Point loma is a christian school and a well respected

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Unformatted text preview: mpede the psychologist of conducting such experiments. They would definitely not be able to conduct this experiment in Point Loma, because it is unethical and illegal to torture and treat humans the way they did. Point Loma is a Christian school and a well- respected academic institution, and there is not a slightest chance that it would allow for torture experiments to be conducted on their students. I think students today would react differently to those in the original experiments. Today, students would not hesitate to question each and every reason behind the experiment procedure and objective. They would work on developing their own opinion and boundaries to make a well- informed decision about whether or not to participate in the experiments. For example, as student of Point Loma, if they would ask me to clean toilets with my bare hands, I would not think twice before asking, “what is the purpose behind this experiment and in what ways would individuals or society as a whole benefit from this? Zimbardo did not think this experiment was actually going to work, but after the first day, negative effects were seen and the students were already being affected. After a week, he had to...
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