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Unformatted text preview: truc(on each issue –  ¼ Wavelength (16 threads) on each clock of 4 clocks (T0 ­15, T16 ­31, T32 ­47, T48 ­T63) With thanks to AMD, with permission Local Data Share (LDS) •  This is AMD’s implementa(on of the “shared” memory of the CUDA model •  32 banks to allow concurrent access by all threads With thanks to AMD, with permission AMD GPU Memory Architecture •  Memory per compute unit –  Local data store (on ­chip) –  Registers SIMD Engine LDS, Registers L1 Cache Compute Unit to Memory X ­bar L2 Cache Write Cache Atomic Path –  L1 cache (8KB for 5870) per compute unit •  L2 Cache shared between compute units (512KB for 5870) •  Fast path for only 32 bit opera(ons •  Complete path for atomics and < 32bit opera(ons LDS Perhaad Mistry & Dana Schaa, Northeastern Univ Computer Architecture Research Lab, with Ben Gaster, AMD © 32 Nvidia Memory Hierarchy •  L1 cache per SM configurable to support shared memory and caching of global memory Registers Thread Block –  48 KB Shared / 16 KB of L1 cache –  16 KB Shared / 48 KB of L1 cache •  Data shared between work items of a group using shared memory •  Each SM has a 32K register bank •  L2 cache (768KB) that services all opera(ons (l...
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