Fatahalian m houston a closer look at gpus commun acm

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Unformatted text preview: m of locality) 31 GT200 streaming mul(processor hSp:// GT200 streaming mul(processor •  Mul(threaded instruc(on fetch and issue unit •  8 streaming processors (SP) –  32 ­bit ALU and FPU (e.g. bitwise, min, max; FP add, mul, mad) –  Branch unit (e.g. cmp) •  2 special ­func(on units (SFU) –  Transcendental func(ons (e.g. reciprocal, sine), interpola(on –  Interpola(on hardware can be used as 4 FP mul(pliers •  16KB shared memory (as fast as registers, if no conflicts) •  64 ­bit FP and integer unit (not in G80) •  16K 32 ­bit registers (only 8K in G80) SM mul(threaded instruc(on unit •  Instruc(on unit creates, manages, schedules and executes threads in groups of 32 threads called warps •  Warp instruc(ons are fetched into an instruc(on buffer •  Scoreboard qualifies warp instruc(ons for issue •  Scheduler priori(ses ready to issue warp instruc(ons ba...
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