1159000021571 i thank lucienne wilm for kindly

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Unformatted text preview: ns. Rasoloarison, R. M., Goodman S. M. and Ganzhorn J. U. 2000. Taxonomic revision of mouse lemurs ( Microcebus ) in the western portions of M adagascar. International Journal of Primatology 21, 6: 963–1019. ( doi:1023/A:1005511129475) ACKNOWLEDGMENT Zimmermann, E., Cepok, S., Rakotoarison, N., Zietemann, V. and Radespiel, U. 1998. Sympatric mouse lemurs in north-west Madagascar: A n ew rufous mouse lemur species (Microcebus ravelobensis ). Folia P rimatologica 69, 2: 106–114. (doi:10.1159/000021571) I thank Lucienne Wilmé for kindly inviting me to contribute this e ssay, three anonymous reviewers for their penetrating com ments on an earlier draft, and Stephen Nash for helping me keep c ount of the rising numbers of lemur species. REFERENCES Agapow, P.-M., Bininda-Edmonds, O. R. P., Crandall, K. A., Gittleman, J. L., M ace, G. M., Marshall, J. C. and Purvis, A. 2004. The impact of species c oncepts on biodiversity studies. Quarterly Review of Biology 79, 2: 1 61–179. (doi:10.1086/383542) Coyne, J. A. and Orr, H. A. 2004. Speciation. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, M A. Cracraft, J. L. 1983. Speciation concepts and speciation analysis. In: Current O rnithology. R. F. Johnson (ed.),Vol. 1, pp 159–187. Plenum Press, New York. Frankham, R., Ballou, J. D., Dudash, M. R., et al. 2012. I mplications of d ifferent species concepts for conserving biodiversity. Biological C onservation 153: 25–31. (doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2012.04.034) Ghiselin, M. T. 1974. A radical solution to the species problem. Systematic B iology 23, 4: 536–544. (doi:10.1093/sysbio/23.4.536) Goodman, S. M. and Benstead, J. P. 2003 (eds.). The Natural History of M adagascar. University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Hausdorf, B. 2011. Progress toward a general species concept. Evolution 65, 4 : 923–931. (doi:10.1111/j.1558-5646.2011.01231.x) King, T., Rakotonirina, L. H. F., Rakotoarisoa, A. H., Ravaloharimanitra, M., C hamberlan, C. 2012. Projet Tsibahaka: conserving the crowned sifaka P ropithecus coronatus . Lemur News 16: 32–34. Mayr, E. 1982. The Growth of Biological Thought: Diversity, Evolution, and I nheritance. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA. Mittermeier, R. A., Tattersall, I., Konstant, W. R., Meyers, D. M. and Mast, R. B. 1 994. Lemurs of Madagascar. Conservation International, Washington, D C. Mittermeier, R. A., Konstant, W. R., Hawkins, F., et al. 2006. L emurs of M adagascar. Conservation International, Washington, DC. Mittermeier, R. A., Louis, E. E. Jr., Richardson, M., et al. 2010. L emurs of M adagascar. Conservation International, Arlington, VA. Paterson, H. E. H. 1985. The recognition concept of species. In: Species and S peciation. E. S. Vrba (ed.), pp 21–29. Transvaal Museum, Pretoria. Petter, J.-J., Albignac, R. & Rumpler, Y. 1977. M ammifères Lémuriens ( Primates Prosimiens). Faune de Madagascar, vol. 44. O RSTOM/CNRS, Paris. P AGE 11 Schwarz, E. 1931. A revision of the genera and species of Madagascar L emuridae. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1931: 3 99–428. Simpson, G. G. 1961. Principles of Animal Taxonomy. Columbia University P ress, New York. Tattersall, I. 1982. The Primates of Madagascar. Columbia University Press, N ew York. Tattersall, I. 1986. Species recognition in human paleontology. Journal of H uman Evolution 15, 3: 165–175. (doi:10.1016/S0047-2484(86)80043-4) Tattersall, I. 1994. How does evolution work? Evolutionary Anthropology 3, 1 : 2–3. (doi:10.1002/evan.1360030103) Tattersall, I. 2007. Madagascar’s lemurs: Cryptic diversity of taxonomic inflation? Evolutionary Anthropology 16, 1: 12–23. (doi:10.1002/evan.20126) Tattersall, I. 2013. Species-level diversity among Malagasy lemurs. In: L eaping Ahead: Advances in Prosimian Biology. J. M. Masters, M. G amba and F. Génin (eds.), pp 11–20. Springer Science + Business M edia, New York. Yoder, A. D., Burns, M. M. and Génin, F. 2002. Molecular evidence of reproductive isolation in sympatric sibling species of mouse l emurs. International Journal of Primatology 23, 6: 1335–1343. ( doi:10.1023/A:1021187106641)...
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