10 Tips for Business Writing Success Final

Ideally they should be edited for ease of translation

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Unformatted text preview: l. Ideally, they should be edited for ease of translation. They must also be free of cultural irritants and distractions. Every native speaker of English must learn to edit and revise documents meant for international readers. (Weise, pg. 3) Tip 6 Punctuation and grammar matter O Punctuation affects clarity, meaning, and tone O Readers notice punctuation mistakes and that impacts a writers creditability. O Every mark on the page must have specific value. (Flood, ch.2) Tip 7 CEO: Conciseness, Emphasis, and Organization Successful leaders are clear and commanding: They assess and prioritize information, they lay out clear courses of action, and they identify and outline consequences and outcomes in ways that efficiently motivate action and understanding. O Conciseness O Write like an executive either because you are one or because you report to one. O Emphasis O Successful business writers emphasize what readers should do with what they know. O Organization O Putting our words to paper causes us to organize and prioritize. Tip 8...
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