10 Tips for Business Writing Success Final

10 Tips for Business Writing Success Final

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Unformatted text preview: BLOT: Bottom Line On Top O In every sentence O Put the key item within the first few words. s O In every paragraph O Put the key item within the first sentence. s O In every page O Put the key item within the first paragraph. s (Flood, pg. 75) Tip 9 TEACART O Topic: Identify the issues. O Emphasis: Indicate clear relevance and motivation. O Actionability: Include specific reference to all required tasks. O Catalog / Chart / Course: Offer a list of topics you’ll cover in the document, an internal outline. O Assessments / Application: Include information that ties directly to the actionability items. O Reiteration of actionability: Rephrase or reemphasize all actionable items. O Touch: Connect, quickly and in closing, with the person as well as the information or activity. Tip 10 Proofread O Use spell and grammar check. O Revision: “to see again”, look at your rough draft with fresh eyes, as if the reader and not the writer. O Things to review: Clarity, Structure, Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation use (Flood, Appendix B) References Flood, T., E. (2008). MBA Fundamentals: Business Writing: Kaplan Publishing, a division of Kaplan, Inc. New York, New York. ISBN: 978-1-4277-9717. Thomas, E. (n.d.) Newsweek Video Series Weiss, E.H. (2005). The Elements of International English Style; A Guide to Writing Correspondence, Reports, Technical...
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