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Rashonda K. Core 152 Prof. M. Burczyk T 11.09.07 1. One of the topics we addressed in Monstrous Eve by Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar was Victor's transformation from an Adamic figure to a Satanic figure. We agreed that the story of Lucifer and God was parallel to the relationship of Victor and God. Lucifer tried to make his throne as high as God's, ultimately because he wanted to be equal to God. Victor emulated God in his attempt to create life from nothing (or rather, in the most literal sense, life after death) in the way that God created Adam from dust. One of the questions we thought about was as follows: Are modern scientific advances occurring as a result of humanity’s attempt to imitate the actions of the Divine? 2. The awakening of the subject [enlightenment] is bought with the recognition of power as the principle of all relationships. In face of the unity of such reason the distinction between God and man is reduced to an irrelevance […] In their mastery of nature, the
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