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4QA3 F12 Week 3 Lecture Notes

At its core tqm is a management approach to long term

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Unformatted text preview: 6 Cost Total Cost Cost of Poor Quality Process Cost % defects Dead Pixels 4QA3 F12 A. Gandomi 7 ●  TQM is an integrated effort designed to improve quality at the entire organization, from suppliers to customers. ●  At its core, TQM is a management approach to long- term success through customer satisfaction. T H E E V O L U T I O N O F T O TA L Q U A L I T Y M A N A G E M E N T ( TIME: Early 1900s FOCUS: Inspection 1940s 1960s 1980s and Beyond Statistical sampling Organizational quality focus Customer driven quality Old Concept of Quality: Inspect for quality after production. 4QA3 F12 A. Gandomi F I GURE 5-3 Timeline show between old an quality New Concept of Quality: Build quality into the process. Identify and correct causes of quality problems. Wal ter A. Shewhart Walter A. Shewhart was a statistician at Bell Labs during the 8 4QA3 F12 Source: Heizer and Render (2010) 9 Deming Wheel (PDCA Cycle) 1. Plan 4. Act Institutionalize improvement; continue the cycle. 3. Study/Check Assess the plan; is it working? 4QA3 F12 Identify the problem and develop the plan for improvement. 2. Do Implement the plan on a test basis. A. Gandomi 10 ●  Flow Chart ●  Check Sheet ●  Histogram ●  Pareto Chart ● Fishbone (Cause- and- Effect) Diagram ●  Scatter Diagram ●  Control Charts 4QA3 F12 3- 11 70 (64) Percent from each cause 60 50 40 30 20 10 (13) (10) (6) (3) (2) (2) 0 4QA3 F12 A. Gandomi 12 IS Human Slow processing Gate agent slow Link with travel agents Machines Too few agents Data mining Aircraft late Gate occupied Agent training Mechanical failure Late cleaners Weather Air traf3ic customs Environment 4QA3 F12 Departure announcement Late fuel Late luggage Late food service Plane departs late Delayed check- in procedure Acceptance of Late passengers Materials Process A. Gandomi 13 Productivity Absenteeism...
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