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Diprose 1992 male diprose in love female manipulated

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Unformatted text preview: reasonable for recipient to rely on the advice or informa=on; and •  Damage was suffered by the recipient usually, monetary loss. 21 Statutory Modifica0ons • The ‘Australian Consumer Law’ (ACL) has impacted on the area of Misrepresenta=on by targe=ng various types of conduct • For example, relevant sec=ons under the ACL include: –  s18 – misleading or decep=ve conduct; –  s30 – false representa=ons in rela=on to land; –  s31 – false representa=ons in rela=on to employment; –  s29 – misleading conduct regarding services; –  s37 – misleading statements about business ac=vi=es. 22 Duress Duress involves use of threats or violence against a person, their goods or economic interest to force them to enter into a contract against their will. Lack of voluntary agreement. It only has to be one of the reasons for a person to enter into a contract and the effect on the contract is that it will be voidable at the op=...
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