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If warranty you are able to sue for damages onlyno

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Unformatted text preview: e representa=on 15 Misrepresenta0on The following ‘representa=ons’ are generally excluded under the Common Law –  –  –  –  –  Statements as to future conduct or inten=on; Statements of Opinion; Mere ‘Puffs’ (extreme adver=sing); Silence or non- disclosure. Statements of Law Note: Remedies may exist under the Australalian Consumer Law 16 Fraudulent Misrepresenta=on –  There must be an inten=on to deceive. The court is mainly concerned with the state of mind of the representor at the =me of making the representa=on. –  There must be a false statement of fact that the representor knew was false or did not believe was true, which it was known would be acted upon, and which was in fact acted upon by the representee. A contract induced by fraud is ac0onable under statute law (consum...
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