Etric polarimetries polarimetry polaris polariscope

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Unformatted text preview: ar polarimeter polarimetric polarimetries polarimetry polaris polariscope polariscopic polarities polarity polarization polarizations polarize polarized polarizer polarizes polarizing polarographic polarography polaroid polaroids polars polder polders pole poleax poleaxe poleaxed poleaxes poleaxing polecat polecats poled polemic polemical polemically polemicist polemicists polemics polemist polemists polemize polemized polemizes polemizing polenta polentas poler polers poles polestar polestars poleward police policed policeman policemen polices policewoman policewomen policies policing policy policyholder policyholders poling polio poliomyelitic poliomyelitis polios polis polish polished polisher polishers polishes polishing polit politburo polite politely politeness politer politesse politest politic political politically politician politicians politicize politicized politicizes politicizing politick politicked politicking politicks politico politicoes politicos politics polities polity polk polka polkaed polkaing polkas poll pollack pollacks pollard pollarding pollards pollbook polled pollee pollees pollen pollened pollens poller pollers pollinate pollinated pollinates pollinating pollination pollinator pollinators polling pollist polliwog polliwogs polloi polls pollster pollsters pollutant pollutants pollute polluted polluter polluters pollutes polluting pollution pollywog pollywogs polo poloist poloists polonaise polonaises polonium poloniums pols poltergeist poltergeists poltroon poltroonery poltroons poly polyandric polyandries polyandrist polyandrous polyandry polychromatic polychromia polyclinic polyclinics polydactylies polydactylism polydactylous polydactyly polyester polyesters polyethylene polygamic polygamies polygamist polygamists polygamous polygamy polyglot polyglots polygon polygonal polygonally polygons polygony polygram polygraph polygraphic polygraphically polygraphs polyhedra polyhedral polyhedron polyhedrons polymath polymaths polymer polymeric polymerically polymerization polymerize polymerized polymerizes polymerizing polymers polymorph polymorphic polymorphically polymorphism polymorphous polymorphously polynesia polynesian polynesians polynomial polynomials polyp polyphonic polyphonically polyphony polyploid polypod polypoid polypous polyps polypus polys polysaccharide polysorbate polystyrene polysyllabic polysyllable polysyllables polytechnic polytheism polytheist polytheistic polytheists polyunsaturated polyvinyl pomade pomaded pomades pomading pomander pomanders pomatums pome pomegranate pomegranates pomeranian pomeranians pomes pommel pommeled pommeling pommelled pommelling pommels pomp pompadour pompadours pompano pompanos pompeii pompom pompoms pompon pompons pomposity pompous pompously pompousness pomps ponce ponces poncho ponchos pond ponder ponderable pondered ponderer ponderers pondering ponderosa ponderous ponderously ponderousness ponders ponds pondweed pondweeds pone pones pong pongee pongees pongid poniard...
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