Rispiest crispily crispiness crisping crisply

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Unformatted text preview: crispiest crispily crispiness crisping crisply crispness crisps crispy crisscross crisscrossed crisscrosses crisscrossing criteria criterion criterions critic critical criticality critically criticalness criticism criticisms criticizable criticize criticized criticizer criticizers criticizes criticizing critics critique critiqued critiques critiquing critter critters crittur critturs croak croaked croaker croakers croakier croakiest croakily croakiness croaking croaks croaky crochet crocheted crocheter crocheters crocheting crochets croci crock crocked crockeries crockery crocket crockets crocking crocks crocodile crocodiles crocus crocuses croft crofter crofters crofts croissant croissants cromwell cromwellian crone crones cronies crony cronyism cronyisms crook crooked crookeder crookedest crookedly crookedness crookeries crookery crooking crookneck crooknecks crooks croon crooned crooner crooners crooning croons crop cropland croplands cropless cropped cropper croppers cropping crops croquet croqueted croqueting croquets croquette croquettes crosby crosier crosiers cross crossability crossarm crossbar crossbars crossbeam crossbeams crossbones crossbow crossbows crossbred crossbreed crossbreeding crossbreeds crosscurrent crosscurrents crosscut crosscuts crosscutting crosse crossed crosser crossers crosses crossest crosshatch crosshatched crosshatches crosshatching crossing crossings crosslet crossly crossness crossover crossovers crosspatch crosspatches crosspiece crosspieces crossroad crossroads crosstalk crosstie crossties crosstown crosswalk crosswalks crossway crossways crosswise crossword crosswords crotch crotched crotches crotchet crotchetiness crotchets crotchety crouch crouched crouches crouching croup croupier croupiers croupiest croupily croups croupy crouton croutons crow crowbar crowbars crowd crowded crowdedness crowder crowders crowdies crowding crowds crowdy crowed crower crowers crowfeet crowfoot crowfoots crowing crown crowned crowner crowners crownets crowning crowns crows crowsteps crozier croziers crucial crucially crucialness cruciate crucible crucibles crucifer crucified crucifies crucifix crucifixes crucifixion crucifixions cruciform crucify crucifying crud crudded crudding cruddy crude crudely crudeness cruder crudes crudest crudities crudity cruds cruel crueler cruelest crueller cruellest cruelly cruelness cruelties cruelty cruet cruets cruise cruised cruiser cruisers cruises cruising cruller crullers crumb crumbed crumber crumbers crumbier crumbiest crumbing crumble crumbled crumbles crumblier crumbliest crumbliness crumbling crumblings crumbly crumbs crumby crummie crummier crummies crummiest crummy crump crumped crumpet crumpets crumping crumple crumpled crumples crumpling crumply crumps crunch crunched cruncher crunchers crunches crunchier crunchiest crunching crunchy crupper cruppers crusade crusaded crusader crusaders crusades crusading crusados cruse crush crushable crushed crusher crushers crushes crushing crus...
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2014 for the course CS 2316 taught by Professor Summet during the Spring '12 term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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