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Unformatted text preview: avolio Nancy Dairy Products Buchanan Steven Dairy Products Buchanan Steven Sweden 2/6/2006 Perth Pasties $32.80 20 0% $656.00 2/6/2006 Queso Cabrales $21.00 20 10% $378.00 40 10% $1,980.00 Venezuela Grains/Cereals Buchanan Steven Venezuela France Davolio Dairy Products Suyama Seafood Davolio Nancy Michael France Nancy France Michael France 2/6/2006 Raclette Courdavault 2/6/2006 Ravioli Angelo 2/9/2006 Chartreuse verte 2/9/2006 Gorgonzola Telino 2/9/2006 Ikura 2/9/2006 Ravioli Angelo Dairy Products Dodsworth Anne UK 2/10/2006 Camembert Pierrot Dairy Products Peacock Brazil 2/10/2006 Camembert Pierrot Beverages Margaret Dodsworth Anne Beverages Peacock Beverages Dodsworth Anne Condiments Peacock Margaret Margaret UK 2/10/2006 Chang Brazil 2/10/2006 Chartreuse verte Argentina 2/10/2006 Cªte de Blaye Brazil 2/10/2006 Grandma's Boysenberry Spread Seafood Dodsworth Anne UK 2/10/2006 Konbu Condiments Dodsworth Anne UK 2/10/2006 Northwoods Cranberry Sauce Confections Peacock Confections Dodswor...
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